Federating Motorway concessionaires in Greece

Federating Motorway concessionaires in Greece

The recent (2017) completion of Greece’s new network of interurban toll motorways has enabled HELLASTRON to take on an active role, both domestically and internationally. 

Abroad, HELLASTRON has been actively participating in all ASECAP’s activities. The President of HELLASTRON, Mr. Bill Halkias, was elected President of ASECAP for the period 2018-2019 and the Greek Association has hosted ASECAP’s 2018 Marketing Event in Athens and will host the upcoming 47th ANNUAL ASECAP Days in Costa Navarino Messinia, Greece, in May 2019. At the same time, HELLASTRON and ASECAP met with European Union Commissioner Violeta Bulc’s cabinet to promote and to contribute to TISPOL’s Project EDWARD (European Day Without A Road Death), on Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

Commissioner Bulc commented on HELLASTRON’s initiative: “I am glad to see such an engaging and dedicated contribution of Greece to the third European Day without a Road Death (EDWARD) taking place this year on 19 September (2018) during the European Mobility Week. Thank you, Greece, and all involved!”

“I welcome this cross-sectoral initiative launched by ASECAP involving the Transport Ministry and the Greek Parliament.  I am convinced that these common efforts will effectively raise awareness on the risks we face on all roads, and not only on motorways. Greece has made significant progress in road safety in the last decade, and initiatives of this kind can only bring us closer to the final objective: a day without a road death – the vision we should strive for every day, not just on 19 September (2018),” concluded the EU Commissioner in her message.

At home, the HELLASTRON network in the mainland is now almost complete. Selected new sections (the northern axis in Crete, extensions of Attica Tollway, Road Connections to the islands of Salamina and Lefkada or the Elefsina-Thiva motorway) are expected to add the finishing touches in the following years.  Overall, the Association aims to ensure that the totality of Motorway Concessions in Greece follow the latest trends in technology, improve road safety, raise customer satisfaction and offer a seamless transition of travel from one motorway concession to the next.

A dedicated radio frequency for traffic announcements, virtual tunnel integration and real-time traffic information are prioritized due to their promising positive impact on road safety whereas toll interoperability, a unified traffic management centre and common traffic management procedures and practices are being actively pursued to achieve and maintain network cohesion and increased customer satisfaction. 

Contributing to the safety, comfort and the environmental front, the latest trends in technology, such as cooperative systems (vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure), connected and − later − autonomous vehicles, electric or alternatively fuelled vehicles are being closely monitored by HELLASTRON in its continuing effort to catalyse and coordinate the incorporation of mature, carbon-neutral technologies into the network infrastructure.

On the path to mobility as a service and the future, HELLASTRON is closely cooperating with the academia and society. R&D programs and the industry’s corporate social responsibility agenda are top priorities and will continue to be so.