A new awareness campaign by Highways of Morocco (ADM)

A new awareness campaign by Highways of Morocco (ADM)

ADM (Highways of Morocco) works every day to help Moroccan drive safely, it does that by implementing regularly a series of features, such as repairing pavement defects, maintaining the road safety and signage, rest area improvements and also developing a range of technologies related to traffic management system, like ADM Traffic app, message signs, cameras and speed limit enforcement. Some of these various features contribute to provide a valuable information to travellers about the road conditions ahead.

On the other hand, in order to change human behaviour, ADM turned its attention to the travellers by organizing annual awareness campaigns, among them the latest one called « Your safety is our common priority » which it took place, during the summer months, at the different rest areas of its 1800 Km of highways network. The intended goal is to interact with drivers about the road safety while they are resting in a cooling stand at the same time, their children can enjoy the inflatable playground or participate in drawing games related to road safety.

In this campaign, ADM focused on getting drivers used with ADM traffic app and be aware of the following motor vehicle crashes factors:

  • Distraction, particularly, the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving;
  • Driving while fatigued;
  • Not complying with the speed limits;
  • Not checking the car particularly, the tire pressure and any abnormal tire wear;
  • The lack of car maintenance.

Furthermore, ADM had collected for analysis, numerous interviews during the event, so they can be added to traffic safety data, thus ensuring favourable conditions for ADM data decision making.