IRF India Chapter Seminar on “Environmental Protection and Safety during Construction”

IRF India Chapter Seminar on “Environmental Protection and Safety during Construction”

The IRF India Chapter organized a Seminar on the theme of “Environmental Protection and Safety during Construction” at the India International Centre, New Delhi on 13th – 14th July 2018. The Seminar was a part of IRF’s relentless mission aimed at reducing the number of road fatalities and injuries caused by accidents in the country, a substantial part of which occurs, among others, during the construction of roads and highways.

Warmly welcoming the participants to the Seminar, Mr. G. Sharan, Chairman, IRF IC elaborated on the long and distinguished record of various activities of IRF IC and the incremental knowledge that would emerge from the deliberations of the Seminar.

The Seminar, inaugurated by the Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRT&H), deliberated on different topics such as Design for Safety, Environmental Protection of Construction Projects, Technology, Safety during Construction and Safety Issues and Risks.

Mr. K.K. Kapila, Chairman, IRF, delivered the Keynote address elaborating on the five E’s of Road safety, which is the key to improvement in the road safety scenario in the country.

Professionals from Government, Industry and the Multilateral Institutions well versed with the road sector and related aspects addressed the sessions and elaborated on the sub-themes related to the seminar theme, making for an in-depth analysis of the various issues involved.

The Seminar was well attended by delegates and invitees representing all major stakeholders of the road sector; Ministry of Road Transport, National Highways Authority of India, State Departments and Institutions, road sector consultants, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and concessionaires, ITS companies, environment experts etc.

The diverse participation of experts and their intellectual exchanges during the various Technical sessions have been captured in the Recommendations of the Seminar and sent to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways for their consideration and appropriate policy formulation.