“Fast Tracking Road Safety – IRF IC & PHDCCI Programme’’

“Fast Tracking Road Safety – IRF IC & PHDCCI Programme’’

To showcase innovation and provide a platform to share the future of the mobility landscape, NITI Aayog hosted the first MOVE Summit 2018 in New Delhi on 7th & 8th September 2018. The initiative aimed at creating a public interest framework to revolutionize transport, in partnership with stakeholders from across the mobility and transportation sectors.

As a part of this initiative, International Road Federation in association with the PHD Chambers of Commerce & Industry, and with the support of NITI Aayog, organized a Curtain Raiser to MOVE Summit 2018, themed “Fast Tracking Road Safety”, highlighting the complementary role of Road Safety to the Summit’s interconnected objectives of access for all, efficiency, safety and green mobility.

“Fast Tracking Road Safety” is an IRF IC programme series to consistently bring to the fore, the efforts required under the 4E pillar strategy of the United Nations, developed in 2010 after the adoption of Resolution Res/64/255. The strategy focuses on improving global road safety through taking suitable action/initiatives under the 4Es (Engineering, Education, Emergency Care and Enforcement).  The aspect of Environment is also being focused on, as the 5th E.

The UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, to which India is also committed, envisages 50% reduction in road traffic fatalities by 2020.  A number of countries including India are signatory to this.

The Curtain Raiser focused on the facets that would enable an improved road safety scenario to take it closer to the UN Decadal goals.

IRF has been undertaking initiatives under the 4Es – Engineering (roads and vehicular), Education (bring about attitudinal change in the school children through consistent road safety education; education of masses through mass media campaigns – screening of short films in cinemas, etc.), Emergency Care towards strengthening trauma management during pre-hospital care, Enforcement for better traffic and road user management.

The Featured Event on Road Safety covered on 3 aspects, through Panel discussions on:

  • Safe Roads, Safe Vehicles, Safe Riding
  • Education, Advocacy, Behaviour and Enforcement
  • Trauma Care during the Golden Hour

Panel discussion 1 focused on road infrastructure and safety features of vehicles, external modifications of vehicles, annual inspections, etc.

Panel discussion 2 examined how road safety education at school levels influences the attitudes towards road safety, advocacy to influence peer groups, road user behaviour in a given circumstance and enforcement to contain traffic offences and violations.

Panel discussion 3 discussed ways and means to create capacities of trained first responders, thereby saving precious lives.

The Recommendations arising out of these panel discussions were collated in the Concluding Session, and are being appropriately taken forward for implementation.