Join the IRF Young Professionals Programme!

Join the IRF Young Professionals Programme!

The IRF Young Professionals (IRF YP) is a platform for the next generation of leaders and specialists in the road and mobility sector to propose initiatives, share ideas and be engaged in the overall activities of IRF. IRF-YP gathers proactive graduate students enrolled in a Master or Ph.D. programme as well as young professionals working in the sector. Building on the IRF’s vast network and expertise, the Programme has as its mission to present the road and mobility sectors as a multidisciplinary area for development for young professionals from various backgrounds. After two initial years of work culminated in the interactive workshops hosted during the World Meeting, our IRF YP are ready to change gear and embrace new challenges.

Ana Maria de la Parra – one of the two IRF YP leaders – gives us insights on their plans: “First of all we would like to thank all the IRF YPs for the effort and engagement. Special thanks go to Melinda Matyas – my fellow IRF YP Leader – without whom nothing would have been possible. We are pleased to announce that the two program leaders for the new mandate just started will be myself, Ana Maria de la Parra (Anukie) and Eloi Artau. I will continue my front-line engagement to ensure continuity while we take up new challenges”.

Working closely with the the IRF Secretariat in Geneva, the IRF YPs are working on identifying new priorities and defining goals and objectives in a new strategy.

“We have decided to create a new Admissions and Membership committee, composed by Daniel Kabuga and Usman Shaibu” says Anukie. “One of the priorities we have already identified is the need to develop partnerships with other sisters’ organisations. For this purpose, we have decided to set up some regional committees to identify and liaise with relevant organizations who can help us advance in our mission. Bruno Kinyaga and Eudardo Ramirez have started work in the African and European regions” adds Anukie.

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