Saferoad Telemactics receives the Smart Solution Award

Saferoad Telemactics has been awarded by the Global Infrastructure Congress, for Smart Solution Award in March 2018.

Minister of infrastructure of UAE his Excellency Dr. Abdullah Al-Na’ami awarded Saferoad Telemactics during the Congress held in Dubai.

About Saferoad

Saferoad had led Middle East market with their innovative Telematics solutions, which go beyond managing fleets and their maintenance costs, up to optimize drivers’ utilization, ensure drivers safety, and help companies to reduce the OPEX and insurance expenses.

The primary goal of Saferoad is to reduce accident number and to help the drivers in Saudi Arabia to enhance their driving behavior. The effective contribution of Saferoad technologies in regional economy let the company get many Regional and International awards, such as, World Economic Forum, International Finance Cooperation, Forbes, IRF, and others.

Meet the Team: