Modernization of roads in Serbia

Modernization of roads in Serbia

More than 222000 ETC devices

Users of the roads in Serbia increasingly use the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC).

The number of ETC users has reached more than 222.000 that makes their participation in the total revenue very significant as it will reach more than 41%.

The number of Heavy Good Vehicle (HGV) drivers using the ETC has increased to 64% out of a total number of HGVs using tolled motorways.

Electric vehicle charging stations on Serbian roads

Within the project of the modernization of roads in Serbia, so far, five electric vehicle charging stations have been installed at key points on highways: in the zone of the former toll station Belgrade near Bubanj Potok (direction toward Niš), in the zones of toll stations Preševo (direction toward Niš), Šid (direction toward Belgrade) and Subotica (direction toward Novi Sad), while the charging station in the zone of the Dimitrovgrad toll station(direction toward Niš) will start to operate upon the commissioning of the toll station.

The installed chargers represent the most modern solution for charging vehicles among all global brands. They possess three ports: two for fast DC charging and one for fast AC charging. The charging is remotely controlled, including the monitoring of the very charger, as well as the statistics of vehicles charged (time and duration of charging, kW amount etc.).

WIFI on motorway

Free wireless internet, besides the Bubanj Potok location, has so far been enabled at five rest areas: Jerina, Šimanovci 1, Šimanovci 2, Feketić 1 and Feketić 2. 

Within the continuation of the modernization of roads in the Republic of Serbia, it is planned to introduce free wireless internet along the Corridor X through Serbia and to arrange all key rest areas on the highway, which includes the provision of power supply, lighting and free internet, placing of mobile equipment for resting, such as benches, tables and installations of appliances for charging the electric vehicles.