TTS Italia launches the Platform of Local Authorities

In the view of the implementation of the National ITS Action Plan by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, TTS Italia launched in February 2014, the Platform of Local Authorities (Regions, Provinces and Municipalities)

The aim of the Platform is to create principally a discussion table between world supply, a strong presence in TTS Italia, and the demand side represented by local authorities, on ITS sector and on the practical implementation on the territory of the topics covered by the Decree of 1 February and the National ITS Action Plan. 

Also, the Platform wants to make available to local authorities, especially the technical staff of the institutions, support services, information and training on ITS, in order to facilitate the access to technical regulations and information on the Intelligent Transport Systems necessary for the implementation of ITS systems and services.

The participation to the Platform is for free and 20 actors submitted so far. For a complete list of the Platform members, please visit: