SWARCO promises a scintillating Virtual Reality experience on its booth at Intertraffic

SWARCO promises a scintillating Virtual Reality experience on its booth at Intertraffic

Visitors to the two SWARCO stands at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 (5.310 and 10.103; 20 – 23 March 2018, RAI Amsterdam fairgrounds) are being promised “a firework of innovation” and a scintillating Virtual Reality experience where they will enter a three-dimensional SWARCO World, based on advanced gaming technology.

SWARCO improves quality of life by making the travel experience safer, quicker, more convenient and environmentally sound, and the company’s stands and presentation will fully underline these objectives.

On its Road Marking Systems (RMS) stand (05.310) the focus will be on a complete range of road marking systems, and the virtual reality experience will enable visitors to immerse themselves in entirely novel way in a range of challenges to tackle this area. Products being highlighted on the stand include the launch of the novel, fast-curing marking system for indoor use called SWARCO UV-LINE that is dry and functional just a few seconds after application.

We will also be featuring SOLIDPLUS, the top class reflective glass beads delivering 4-digit millicandela readings on reflectometers, as well as the company’s preformed thermoplastic and coldplastic markings (EUROTHERM® and EUROTAC). They are used for small-scale markings with symbols, legends, logos, and as easy-to-install guidance system for the visually impaired and blind on train station platforms, sidewalks, at bus-stops, etc.

Meanwhile, on SWARCO’s Traffic Management / ITS / Smart Mobility stand (10.103) the company will focus on its comprehensive capabilities in connecting infrastructure and the vehicles by means of C-ITS ready solutions in urban and interurban traffic management and public transport. Visitors can delve into the central system managing traffic in more liveable cities and how Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) works.

Also on display will be a charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles, plus the brand new SWARCO.EVOLT.CONNECT back office for e-mobility management. Other features of the stand will be public transport prioritization, the next generation PT management software and new helpful on-board devices for information and control; the world’s most energy-saving variable message sign with a brilliant new optical system; parking guidance systems and online platforms to manage parking from end-to-end; as well as an intelligent intersection, featuring novel LED traffic lights that integrate new features beyond red-amber-green such as environmental data collection, pedestrian detection and a warning feature for the head-down generation who rather concentrate on smartphones than on traffic.

Watch out too, for SWARCO.LINE.TECHNOLOGY, a novel approach to clean up intersections by needing less hardware and opening up new communication possibilities between the traffic controller and the signal heads. There is also a focus on bicycle traffic with the launch of an App-based cooperative system.